Daily Bible Reading Plans And Guide

Bible Reading Guide

Reading the Bible is not only a great hobby but also a remarkable learning experience. There are so many things in it that you can reflect on. Notably, most of them are useful in your daily interactions.

To help out more, here is the best Bible Reading Guide. It is excellent if you have a daily habit of opening one verse to anchor your day. You will not only get a generous dose of motivation, but you will also be filled with the lord’s guidance. Begin doing it now if you have not yet.

Bible Reading Plans for 2020

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1. 5 Day Bible Reading Program

The 5 Day Bible Reading Program is about allocating the five days in a week to read certain verses. You can choose to use the Old Testament or the New Testament for this plan. For the rest of the days, you can have them for reflection and meditations.

2. Bible In A Year

For the next Bible Reading Guide, you should have two readings from both the Old Testament or the New Testament. It is done every day, and then you will meditate on them. Notably, it is excellent if you want to fast track your Bible reading sessions.

3. A Bible Reading Chart

The Bible Reading Chart is about merely going through the Bible as you want it. There is no specific plan to follow; it is only about you. Just open what you think should be read today, then go for it.

This plan is useful if you do not want any pressure. You can reflect on it without worries.

4. Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Most people do this reading plan. Accordingly, it is about beginning to read through history. Start from Genesis until the last part. Follow the exact time of events.

5. The Legacy Reading Plan

Another no set plan is the Legacy Reading Plan. Instead, you choose to set books and follow them with Psalm or Proverbs. It is excellent because you have more freedom as you learn more about the events and meditate on the latter two. Flexibility is what you can get from this reading guide.


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No matter what reading plan you choose, the important thing is to get started and go at your own pace. Regardless of how busy you can get in your daily life, you can still give a little bit of your time and read the Bible. Reading the Bible gives you clarity and inner peace, not to mention that it also gives you self-realization on how to be a better person.

Choose one reading plan that would fit your schedule best and stick to it; if you think you cannot commit to the time frame necessary for the Bible plan, then it’s time to try a different plan and see which suits you best. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t rush yourself with the plan, but give time to digest all the teaching it has to offer you for your body and soul.

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