Indulge Reading Habit in Children This Way

Indulge Reading Habit in Children This Way

Nowadays, all parents complain that children are engaged in playing games on smartphones, tablets, TVs or mobile phones. According to research conducted by the University of Michigan, technology is grabbing the focus of children to a great extent. On the other hand, children who read books have shown more mental development. Researchers have found that when parents teach children, they get hold of the language. And the relationship between the child and the parents becomes stronger. Reading books for children and indulging the reading habit in children can make a parent-children relationship stronger.

How To Encourage Good Reading Habit In Children?

To develop the habit of reading in children, it is necessary to teach them discipline. You also have to be disciplined for this. The child should ask questions related to what he reads, from this, he will learn and understand more, and his imagination will also develop. 

Indulge Reading Habit in Children This Way
Indulge Reading Habit in Children This Way

If you want your child to get used to reading from the beginning, then you can follow the tips given below. These will help to generate interest in your child to read books.

Read To Your Child To Develop Reading Habit

As soon as your child turns one, start the process of reading storybooks to him. It will not only strengthen your bond with your child but will naturally make him fall in love with books.

Develop Reading Habit Through The Surroundings

Growing-ups learn a lot from their surroundings. They get to know the names of food items, shampoos, their favourite cartoon characters, etc. without reading. How? By signs. They start recognizing a lot of symbols (companies’ logos) and the names of products. In technical language, it is called ‘environmental print.’ Thus, with the help of markings, children can identify and distinguish between different restaurants, cosmetics, traffic signals, clothes, books, etc. without reading.

Taking advantage of the curious tendency of young children, you can tell them not only the literal meaning of something but also the social importance and usage. They will ask questions by looking at the things around them, and you can teach them many things by answering them.  In the same way, you can introduce them to books and get them into a habit of reading.

Become Your Child’s Role Model

Even if your child is fond of reading since childhood, the absence of any role model in the house can force him to wander here and there. You should be your child’s role model and should read in his presence. Even if you do not like reading too much, still you have to make an effort to be seen reading in front of the child. It is your wish to read what you want, but your child will learn from your reading.

Indulge Reading Habit in Children This Way
Indulge Reading Habit in Children This Way

Make Friends With Books

When your child starts reading, then you should let him read different kinds of books, such as books with alphabets, children’s stories, poem books, etc. It will help him learn to create and handle ideas in his mind in separating one type of book from another. Getting exposure to a number of types of books will help him to make choices. Gradually, your child will make friends with books.

Digital V/S Print

In the research conducted by Naomi Barone from the year 2013 to 2015, students from 429 universities in 5 countries – India, Japan, America, Germany, and Slovenia – were asked to compare digital versus paper books. And the reaction of the students was that they liked the scent of paper. By touching, seeing, holding the article, they feel that they are reading. They understand better and remember more. So, develop a habit of making your child read a print version of books.

Social Media Impact

There is a lot of knowledge on social media, but there is no proof of right or wrong. The people make an audio or video and upload it on social media. Due to a lack of knowledge, children and adolescents get this incomplete information and understand that they do not need to read books. 


It is not just to give the alphabet to the child, but to provide emotional support along with common knowledge by a true friend like books. What a child reads, what he learns, he should multiply it. Reading without this is meaningless. Good books show children a new world with knowledge and inspire them to follow the right path.

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