Reading Books Online: Can It Be Adopted? -

Reading Books Online: Can It Be Adopted?

Reading Books Online: Can It Be Adopted?

Reading books online has gained momentum along with the rise in technology. Not only does modern age provide new ways of learning online but also at cheaper rates. Moreover, a person can find many books online which are not otherwise available in the market. Also, reading books online makes a person habituated with numerous features available in the reader’s software. The person can use the features further to improve their knowledge and incorporate the same in their books. However, everything comes with pros and cons, and so here, this article discusses some of the points.

Reading Book Online: Pros And Cons


Reading Books Online: Can It Be Adopted?
Reading Books Online: Can It Be Adopted?
  • The significant advantage includes reading the book at your leisure. Also, it is easy to carry a digital copy on your phone, you can read it anywhere at any time. For example, if you need to wait for your friend at a metro, then you can read while you wait. Thus, reading a digital copy can help in using time efficiently.
  • Moreover, the features in the reading app, such as font, zoom, and bookmark, can help the reader in many ways. Also, you will not need to remember the page number, as the book would open from the page last left.
  • Digital copies are easy to handle and transfer. So, a person can get hold of the latest releases very quickly. Moreover, publication houses release less number of hard copies initially. Thus, digital copies would cut down this waiting period, and you can read the book immediately after release.


  • The reader would not be able to feel the smell of the book and hold of the paper. Some readers have a habit of getting attached to the book, so the digital copy would not provide such attachment.
  • The brightness of the reading app, if not appropriately adjusted, then can affect the eyes of the reader. Moreover, the variation of intensity can cause pain in the eyes. So, it is vital to read books to avoid such discomfort.

However, the cons do not lead towards believing that online book reading cannot be accepted. As staying updated with technology is essential, a reader can read a book online.

Reading Books Online: Can It Be Adopted?
Reading Books Online: Can It Be Adopted?

Sources For Reading Book Online

Many sources around the world provide different versions of digital books. Moreover, many such platforms are set-up, which people use worldwide. For example, Amazon has developed a Kindle application for reading books online and providing books. Furthermore, personal laptops and smartphones support many different versions of books. So, you can easily download these versions and use them in your smartphones.

Not only does technology has found new ways to read the book, but it also has developed numerous platforms for it. Thus, reading books online has become easy, along with buying digital copies from the market. Moreover, like the internet, many apps provide monthly subscriptions, which allow people to get regular books. However, authors have started facing the issue of piracy, which has become more evident with the release of digital copies. So, a reader should respect the author and focus on buying original copies.

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