Reading Tips – What You Need To Do To Read More? -

Reading Tips – What You Need To Do To Read More?

Reading Tips – What You Need To Do To Read More?

According to Joseph Addison, “Reading to the mind is what physical exercise is to the body”. And now you can understand why most people find reading books to be a worthwhile pursuit. Reading books can expose you to various ideas and suggestions. It can even push you to better yourself. If you are worried about your slow pace of reading, then check out these invaluable tips,

Reading Tips – Motivate Yourself

The first thing that you need to do is to motivate yourself. You may be procrastinating or find the process to be sluggish at best. But that does not mean that you should limit yourself to one book or two. Make sure that you tell yourself to at least finish one book each day and force yourself to follow through.

Reading Tips – Easy Does Best

As with everything else, you are bound to find it much easier if you ended up focusing on the original books first. This should help boost your confidence levels so that you would be interested in trying out other books. Do note that some of the books, while designed for those 10 -14 years may well be the right place to start. That’s because these books are developed to be comfortable, and they do not come with complicated plots either.

Reading Tips – What You Need To Do To Read More?
Reading Tips – What You Need To Do To Read More?

Keep Away From Phones

One of the biggest distractions that you are going to find as you begin reading is social media. Thanks to the fact that you can now access all your social media platforms with your phone, it makes sense to avoid the same. If you plan to develop a strong reading interest and want to be able to read more than just one or two books, then you would do well to keep away from the smartphone.


When it comes to developing your reading list of books that you want to read – you may want to go for variety. Just do not keep it the same, vary up the taste accordingly. For example, if you like romantic fiction, then you may want to vary it a bit by opting for thriller, horror genre and even mythology. The point is that as with everything else, you need to ensure that your reading list is kept varied at all times. This should enable you to develop new likes, new preferences, and even new tastes as well.

Reading Tips – What You Need To Do To Read More?
Reading Tips – What You Need To Do To Read More?

Buddy Reading

If you are setting out on this voyage to self-discovery, then it would be a good idea to do it with some support. You can always join up good reads, an organization for book lovers. Similarly, there are other online book clubs that you can join quickly. The purpose behind these clubs is to spread the effectiveness of books. It is also to underscore the need for them in the first place. These clubs often conduct readathons, which you can participate in at any time. You can enjoy reading your books in a supportive atmosphere, and it should certainly help boost your love for reading books.

These are a few tips designed to enable you to read more. With these tips and suggestions, you should be able to develop new tastes and even discover new books in the process.

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